Security & Tracking

Our Security Promise

  • DBS checked and trained personnel
  • Tamper proof tags employ an extremely high level of security
  • Access control, alarm systems and CCTV

Principled Storage recognise that the security of your documents is critical to GDPR compliance and it is our main priority when archiving your documents.

Offsite document storage not only improves office space and saves time, it offers enhanced protection for your business and data. We pride ourselves in providing a service focusing on strict security measures.

Our storage box is made of high tensile plastic rather than cardboard, and our security tags are tamper proof. This not only employs a high standard of security, but the boxes are not affected by moisture or damp and therefore documents are completely safeguarded from the elements.

This extremely durable storage solution provides our clients with peace of mind and eliminates concerns about the safety of their documents.

Secure Document Storage | Principled Storage

Document Storage

Principled Storage have secure locations across England.

Our staff are all security checked and personnel are trained to ensure the process is as simple and secure as possible.


Secure Document Storage | Principled Storage

Our Box & GDPR Compliance

All businesses are legally required to ensure data is stored securely under the GDPR regulations and Data Protection Act 2018. We pride ourselves in offering a fully GDPR compliant box, and service to ensure you do not face any data breaches.


The security of your confidential data is at the forefront of our business.

We are the only company in the UK that offers a complete GDPR compliant document storage solution.


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