Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Principled Storage, we recognise our responsibility and obligation to work to reduce the direct impact of our business operations on the environment, both now and in the future.

We are committed to creating a business that makes conscious decisions that have a positive impact on the natural environment.


During the production of our document storage boxes, any parts that do not meet our manufacturers high quality standards are granulated back into pellet form to be used in the next cycle. This inclusion of recycled materials eliminates the use of landfill.

Studies have been conducted into the use of plastic versus cardboard in the returnable transit case sector. Research shows that, in comparison, manufacturing and recycling plastic actually has less impact on the environment compared to cardboard.

On average, our bespoke plastic storage totes has a life span of 15-20 years, unlike a cardboard box which is easily damaged, and affected by damp and water.

Taking into consideration the fact that in a span of 15-20 years, you could potentially be replacing a cardboard box annually, the usage and consumption of greenhouse gases is far more in using and recycling carboard each year, rather than manufacturing and recycling a plastic tote once.

Most companies will also charge you for each cardboard box you use, and also for repacking and providing a new box each time they get damaged or damp.

Secure Document Storage | Principled Storage
Secure Document Storage | Principled Storage


Principled Storage’s Logistics Department are continually looking for ways to reduce their CO2 emissions. In the last three years, we have switched all of our fleet to hybrid vehicles, reducing our carbon footprint.

We also continually review our routes and plans and utilise GPS and telematics technology to ensure that we are taking the most efficient routes around the country, reducing our fuel consumption and again our CO2 emissions.

How we can help you

We all know that it is imperative for all companies and organisations to provide a health working environment that inspires and supports its employees.

Offsite document storage offers a lot of advantages to any business. By storing documents with Principled Storage, you can open up your office space, leaving your employees with a clearer and tidier office environment. It also means that you can let us do all the hard work for you when it comes to needing to search for files. When we store your documents, we take an inventory of what is in your boxes, so if you need one back, we can locate this quickly for you, and return to you as soon as we can. This will mean that your employees are not wasting time in search of misplaced or poorly organised files. This is an extremely common timewaster for so many companies, so let us help you in becoming a more organised and efficient business.

Secure Document Storage | Principled Storage
Secure Document Storage | Principled Storage

Document Storage

Principled Storage have secure locations across England.

Our staff are all security checked and personnel are trained to ensure the process is as simple and secure as possible.


Secure Document Storage | Principled Storage

Our Box & GDPR Compliance

All businesses are legally required to ensure data is stored securely under the GDPR regulations and Data Protection Act 2018. We pride ourselves in offering a fully GDPR compliant box, and service to ensure you do not face any data breaches.


The security of your confidential data is at the forefront of our business.

We are the only company in the UK that offers a complete GDPR compliant document storage solution.