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Environmental Responsibilities

Here at Principled Storage, we recognise our responsibility and obligation to work to reduce the direct impact of our business operations on the environment, both now and in the future.

We are committed to creating a business that makes conscious decisions that have a positive impact on the natural environment.


During the production of our document storage boxes, any parts that do not meet our manufacturers high quality standards are granulated back into pellet form to be used in the next cycle. This inclusion of recycled materials eliminates the use of landfill.

Studies have been conducted into the use of plastic versus cardboard in the returnable transit case sector. It’s been shown that plastic is by far the greener material when energy usage to manufacture the product is taken into account along with the number of times each type of container can be used before needing to be recycled. When considered over the entire life of the packaging, paper and cardboard embody far more greenhouse gases than their plastic equivalents. In contrast, plastic is light, durable and its manufacture is generally not particularly energy intensive – at least by comparison to paper. In less than a year the plastic box is normally not only greener but more cost effective.


In our logistics department we aim for low CO2 emissions and efficient fuel consumption by monitoring our fleet of vehicles with GPS and telematics technology to help run them at optimum efficiency. We also have hybrid vehicles which are energy-efficient, produce less emissions, reduce noise pollution as well as being environmentally-friendly.

Your Environment

It is important for all companies to provide a healthy working environment that inspires and supports their employees. Document storage offers a lot of advantages to any business and can provide a significant improvement to the productivity and efficiency of employees. Time spent with your employees in search of misplaced or badly organised files is time wasted. Utilising third party document storage will not only enhance the ability to retrieve information but also free up office space and in turn provide a more organised and positive work environment.

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