Your ultimate document storage solution

Your secure document storage solution

We understand the challenges that companies face when securely storing their documents.

Many of your documents are legally required to be retained for many years.

These documents can take up valuable space and time for your business when ensuring they are securely stored and recorded.

By securely storing your documents offsite with Principled Storage, we can take away all the stress and save you time whilst keeping your documents accessible, safe and secure.

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Your documents will be stored in secure locations across the country.

Collection is conducted by our security-approved and trained personnel who are there to help make the process as simple and secure as possible. All of our vehicles are fitted with an alarm and have GPS tracking.

We use robust, high tensile, security sealed boxes assuring an extremely high level of protection for your information and guarantees that your data and records are secure from risk. Each box is fitted with our tamper proof security tag, uniquely numbered to each box so that you can feel assured that once you personally seal the boxes with the tags, they will not be opened until you request their retrieval.

Protected and secure document storage

  • Saves you valuable space and time

  • Robust, high tensile, security sealed boxes

  • Secure locations across the country

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Controlling and tracking your secure data is as vital to us as it is to you.

We use innovative business management software to track your documents point-to-point throughout all stages of the retrieval and delivery process. This provides you with a full audit trail with complete information on your secure data.

Each box is bar-coded and multi-point scanning allows you and us to quickly ascertain their location and status. This information is stored securely and confidentiality is assured.

This allows us to respond immediately to any requests by you to know where your documents are and to retrieve them quickly and efficiently. You will have quick access to your documents at all times and one of our team at Principled Storage will be on hand to help you retrieve any document quickly.

Track your documents point-to-point

  • Innovative business management software to track your documents

  • We provide a full audit trail on your data

  • Rapid response times

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Principled Storage recognise that the security of your documents is critical and it is our number one concern and priority when archiving your documents.

Using offsite storage not only frees up space and time, it also offers enhanced protection for you and your clients private documents. Throughout the process we have the utmost strictly regulated security measures at all times.

Our robust, high tensile, security sealed boxes, with tamper proof tags not only employ a very high level of security but the boxes are not affected by moisture or damp and therefore keep your documents safe from any potential damage and completely safeguarded from the elements. This extremely durable storage option provides our clients with peace of mind and eliminates concerns about the safety and security of their documents. We are the only company in the UK that offers this level of security.

Our security promise

  • Security approved and trained personnel

  • Tamper proof tags employ an extremely high level of security

  • Strictly regulated security measures

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At Principled Storage we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service.

We understand that document storage can be extremely time consuming, so we have tried to make it as effortless as possible for you. With simple and easy forms to fill in, rapid response times and speedy delivery and collection, we make the process fast and efficient.

We will supply and deliver our extremely secure, durable, high tensile plastic storage boxes to you at your request. Once you are ready, our drivers will collect them at a time of your choice and securely transport them to our archives.

Our record retrieval process is simple, with no hassle and always on your terms. Once you request a collection by email or telephone, we will be able to rapidly retrieve the file you need from our secure storage centre.

Storage made simple

  • Fast and efficient service

  • Speedy delivery and collection

  • Simple and easy forms to fill in

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